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Funder: Craig H Neilsen Foundation

Funding period
USD 100 K
Funding amount
1) Project Title: ZeroG

2) ZeroG is a sophisticated body-weight support system. Patients are supported by an overhead tether, enabling them to practice gait and balance activities. The ZeroG is a body weight support system that allows the clinician to work with a patient affected by a spinal cord injury in a reduced gravity-like environment. The ZeroG not only supports effective and efficient physical regimens that would not be possible without this equipment, it also accelerates rehabilitation in patients while at the same time building their self-confidence and sense of independence. The ZeroG will provide patients with the ability to focus on ambulation, transfers, off the floor recovery, and traversing up/down stairs with a sense of security and independence without the fear of falling. This device will not only benefit our patients by giving them the secure feeling they need, but also will benefit therapy staff by allowing the patient more freedom to move without the fear of having to possibly catch the patient if they fall.

3) At least 90% of our SCI patients will benefit, and the ZeroG will attract new patients, increasing our SCI patient population by an estimated 25%. SCI patient falls will decrease by at least 90% during therapy sessions. FIM (Functional Independence Measure) for SCI patients will increase by 25% between intake and discharge.

4) The category that best reflects our project goals is Rehabilitation. The ZeroG is an ideal fit with the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation’s mission to improving the quality of life for those affected by and living with SCI. We share the Foundation’s vision that individuals with SCI live full and productive lives and serve as active participants in their communities.
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