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Funder: Craig H Neilsen Foundation

Funding period
USD 35 K
Funding amount
ON DISPLAY is a multifaceted public art project developed to reference a classical sculpture court featuring performers ranging in age, size, race, disability, and gender as sculptures in a public space alternating between subtle movement and stillness. On cues, performers burst from subtlety into fast, frenetic solos or coordinated group work, sometimes reforming the audience space, and returning to stillness yet again. Invited and unsuspecting audiences are encouraged, through text signage and an open installation plan, to walk through the sculpture court, be still with the sculptures or shift with their movement and capture their personal experience via social media using the hashtag, #ondisplay. This intrinsic engagement with the performers expands an audience member’s reference of disability, inclusion, and beauty. Over an 8 month process, participants will build dynamic movement phrases to insert into the sculpture court, be mentored in movement techniques and performance skills, and acquire valuable methods to accompany their personal physical regiment.ON DISPLAY will offer participants a habitual space to increase their personal confidence in their abilities within a professional paradigm; this created space will naturally influence participants’ daily lives and subsequent interactions as they develop stronger methods of self-care, advocacy skills, and body awareness. With such a focused time to explore their body’s capacity, participants will be challenged to expand the visible narrative of people with an SCI in the public space through compelling performance and repeated testimony and experience sharing. ON DISPLAY is relevant to the Neilsen Foundation mission because it reinforces the viability of people with disabilities, specifically people with a spinal cord injury by asking them to identify and develop their strengths through a rigorously physical process, and ultimately confront heinous stereotyping to create more inclusive environments in real time. Following an ON DISPLAY installation, spaces and institutions expand their investment in the communities they engage and this Arts, Sports, & Recreation Project assists those same institutions to propogate diversity robustly. (CHN: COandI chn:wdg)
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