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USA Hits 50 - Integrating USA Boccia Across the United States

Funder: Craig H Neilsen Foundation

Funding period
USD 30 K
Funding amount
1. Project Title: USA Boccia Hits 50 – Integrating USA Boccia Across the United States
Institution/Organization Name: USA Boccia

2. Brief Project Description/Aims
Through this project USA Boccia will provide a train the trainer program which will encompass the following areas; identification of boccia athletes, how to create and implement a successful boccia club, provide the trainers with skills and drills to utilize in practices for their athletes, educate the trainers on the steps necessary to create the next Paralympic Boccia athlete, and to provide the trainers with the structure of a sanctioned USA Boccia Tournament. Once each boccia program has a solid base of new and existing athletes the regional center will provide at minimum two boccia tournaments. USA Boccia will provide tournament training and support to ensure the centers can continue

3. Expected Outcomes include:
a. Identify two the SCI organizations/local clubs. USA Boccia will work with our current contacts we have with our SCI organizations to identify the two organizations that have a large SCI population within a 250 mile radius. The selected organizations must provide 1-2 staff to attend the “train the trainer” program and have access to a facility to offering practices and competitions
b. Create the “Train the Trainer” program. USA Boccia will work with the experts in the sport of boccia to create a comprehensive training program. Focus will include; teach the subtleties of boccia, identify potential athletes, organize a quality boccia program, and train on how to run a sanctioned USA Boccia tournament.
Host a regional tournament with assistance from USA Boccia. Once each regional center is established and there is growth within the region of other boccia clubs the regional center will offer a tournament. USA boccia will provide a classifier to correctly class the athletes, and provide the necessary staff to run an effective tournament.
c. Regional Center provides workshop/training/tournament on their own in cooperation with SCI organizations within their region. To continue the growth of the sport each regional center with hold workshops specific to the needs of their local clubs. This might include; more advanced coaches trainings, how to recruit volunteers to your events, more education on the sport of boccia and it’s intricacies.

4. Relevance to Neilsen Foundation mission
This project continues the mission of improving the quality of life for those affected by and living with spinal cord injury through participation in the sport of boccia. The project will provide education to SCI organizers and coaches on the sport of boccia and the benefits is has for their clients. The project will also provide opportunities for athletes to share their experiences with other athletes and provide support when necessary through practices and competitions.

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