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LipSync Assistive Technology Deployment across Canada

Funder: Craig H Neilsen Foundation

Funding period
USD 74 K
Funding amount
1) Project Title
LipSync Assistive Technology Deployment across Canada

2) Brief Project Description
We want to bring a very affordable assistive technology, the LipSync, into the lives of people with significant SCI injuries across Canada. The LipSync ( enables a person that has no use of their hands to use a touchscreen device, a laptop or computer, through a mouth operated joystick controlling an onscreen cursor, and works with mobile touchscreen devices (except iOS at this time). It is an open-source hardware project, which means anyone can 3D print the parts, flash the Arduino board, and order the components to build the LipSync for under $300 CAD of parts.
Through hosting a number of free buildathon events across Canada, we will build the capacity to create more affordable access technology using community volunteers and local maker spaces. This project will develop partnerships with rehabilitation and acute care centers, and local maker clubs and STEM programs. These events, one in each province across Canada, will raise awareness of the LipSync and help build 20 devices that can then go to the leading rehab centers and people with high level SCI injuries that would benefit from a mouth operated input device to control their digital devices.

3) Expected Outcomes
1. 240 LipSyncs given, free of charge, to people with SCI injuries and SCI professionals, such as Occupational Therapists, Assistive Technology Experts, Rehab Engineers, and other people that prescribe and support the adoption of Assistive Technology for people with significant spinal cord injuries.
2. 240 Volunteer makers, that donate their time and skills, to assemble and build a LipSync for a person in their community.
3. 12 buildathon events, where the volunteers come together to make the LipSync device.

4) Relevance to Neilsen Foundation mission
• Provides innovative assistive technology free of charge to people with significant physical disabilities.
• Supports a bold initiative that creates collaborations at the community level , to make assistive technology at a significantly more affordable price point.
• Nurtures a network of skilled volunteers with STEM skills to work with individuals living with SCI and their professional and personal support networks to support new ideas and uses of emerging technology.
• Enables access to computers, laptops, smart phones and tablets, increasing the quality of life and enabling participation in digital opportunities.
(CHN: COandI chn:wdg)
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