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Health, Independence, and Community through Nordic Skiing

Funder: Craig H Neilsen Foundation

Funding period
USD 34 K
Funding amount
Wood River Ability Program's (WRAP) Health, Independence, and Community through Nordic Skiing program will 1) Develop adjustable Nordic sit skis for youth and young adults with various types of SCI, 2) Provide the skis to adaptive programs and individuals with SCI across the U.S., and 3) Provide peer support opportunities to 50 youth and young adult athletes as well as instruction to the athletes and their instructors/coaches in the use of the new skis. Sports and recreational activities provide individuals with spinal cord injuries a way to heal. At the time of their injury many people are in good physical shape and eager to engage in an active life. Injuries also come with more than just physical impairments. A sudden traumatic change in one’s physical ability oftentimes leaves injured people susceptible to psychological trauma as well. Youth and young adults experiencing SCI are particularly vulnerable to psychological impacts of long-term, life-altering injuries. By designing, developing, producing and distributing sit skis specifically for youth and young adults with SCI, WRAP can ensure that people who participate in the Health, Independence, and Community through Nordic Skiing program have access to the produced skis after their distribution and have the opportunities and resources, including peer support, to help them improve physical well-being, mental health, and self esteem with the ultimate goal of enabling participants to rediscover life after injury. Because the focus of this program has on younger individuals with SCI, the measurable long-term impact on participants’ lives could be significant. (CHN: COandI chn:wdg)
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