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Innovation in Lodging Industry's Information on Accessibility: Part 2

Funder: Craig H Neilsen Foundation

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USD 100 K
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Innovation in Lodging Industry’s Information on Accessibility: Part 2
Category: Independent Living

To continue CHN Qualify of Life project #429568 (2016-2017), which developed the web database HOTEL360, this project (Part 2) will develop templates/instructions for hotels to integrate HOTEL360 into their property management systems (PMS) or websites. HOTEL360 intends to standardize the accessibility information of lodging facilities and the database will empower lodging facilities to offer accurate and consistent accessibility information of their properties online. If HOTEL360 can be easily adopted by the lodging industry, it will serve as a search engine of accessible lodging for people with SCI and their caregivers and family members. Specifically, the objectives of the project include: 1) developing a template/instruction for each hotel brand to integrate HOTEL360 into its PMS or on its website; 2) improve HOTEL360, based on the prototype, and digitize its paper-based manual; and 3) fully develop HOTEL360 as a consumer search engine, based on the prototype.

This project proposes to work with five hotels to identify ways for each hotel to integrate HOTEL360 into their operating systems or websites. Four of the five properties selected represent four major hotel chains (Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Holiday Inn). Once the standard template/instruction is developed for each property, any hotel in the same chain can easily adopt HOTEL360. An independently owned hotel is also included to offer us insights on how to help other independent hotels to adopt HOTEL360 in the future.

Expected outcomes include a set of templates/instructions for integrating HOTEL360 into test hotels’ PMS and/or websites, along with digitized HOTEL360 manual on HOTEL360’s site. Hotel employees, consultants, and project advisor will provide feedback to the templates developed and up to 250 individual’s living with SCI and caregivers will evaluate hotels’ websites/booking systems once the hotels have adopted HOTEL360. Findings from the project can not only be published in refereed journals, but also be presented to hotel chains who may be interested in adopting HOTEL360 in their chain’s reservation system in the future.

The significance of the project lies in its ability to set a lodging industry standard for providing consistent measurements and accessibility information. In addition, HOTEL360 enables hotels to provide relevant accessibility information online, making online booking easier for people with SCI and their families when choosing hotels. As a result, the lodging experience of people with SCI will be improved, which likely contributes to their increased participation in travel for business and leisure purposes.
(CHN: COandI chn:wdg)
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Innovation in Lodging Industry Information on Accessibility

Craig H Neilsen Foundation to Shu Cole

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