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Outdoors for All Foundation Adaptive Mountain Bike Program for Individuals with SCI

Funder: Craig H Neilsen Foundation

Funding period
USD 49 K
Funding amount
Project Title:
Adaptive Mountain Bike Program for Individuals with SCI

Brief Project Description:
We are seeking funds to expand our mountain bike program to include individuals with SCI through the purchase of required adaptive mountain bikes and accessories. Our mountain bike program is currently open to injured and wounded active duty service members and recovering veterans. Our goal is to expand the equipment we have in order to include those with special adaptive needs due to SCI and make this program available to more individuals with disabilities.

Expected Outcomes:
1) Enrich the lives of 25 or more individuals with SCI through introductory opportunities to explore mountain biking
2) Create 50 or more on-going education and coaching experiences for individuals with SCI
3) Assist 25% of participants to have adaptive cycling become part of their on-going lifestyle.
5) 75% or greater of individuals will report their quality of life has been enriched
6) 75% or greater of individuals will report higher levels of independence

Twice a year, we send out a survey to participants to track on the impact of our adaptive recreational programs. Of participants who responded in our most recent survey:

94% reported their quality of life was enriched
86% reported increased physical fitness
89% reported a greater sense of independence
93% reported a greater sense of confidence
93% reporter more meaningful social connections and relationships

We expect to serve 25 unique individuals with SCI through these adaptive mountain bike series, but have opportunities to reach wider audiences. In addition to using these adaptive mountain bikes for our specific mountain bike programs, these bikes can be made available for rent for individuals with SCI through our Adaptive Cycling Center, available for demos through our cycling demo days, and available for custom events where we have collaborated with 86 partners including hospitals, military organizations, schools and other community partners to provide one time activities, including cycling, for individuals with disabilities.

Relevance to Neilsen Foundation Mission:
We will enrich the lives of individuals with SCI through Sports and Recreation. With the ability to expand this program to individuals - veterans and civilians - with SCI, we can help those living with injuries to exercise their abilities through mountain biking. The phases of our mountain biking series will include an introduction into the sport followed by excursion opportunities to allow the participants to feel a sense of growth or empowerment within themselves through their growth as an athlete in the sport. Our goal with any of our programs is to empower our participants to gain as much independence and confidence as they can through recreational activities in the outdoors.
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