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Community Health Worker Program: A Catalyst for Health and Empowerment for People Living with SCI

Funder: Craig H Neilsen Foundation

Funding period
USD 50 K
Funding amount
1) Title: Community Health Worker Program: A Catalyst for Health and Empowerment

2) Brief Project Description: The program will employ CHWs who live with and thrive after a SCI to serve newly injured patients to navigate the health system and integrate the patient into a social support network. They will work with providers, health systems and community services along the continuum of rehabilitation care.

3) Expected Outcomes: 2 people with spinal cord injuries trained as community health workers; Establish MOU with 1-2 healthcare provider clinic or facility that serves newly injured patients and refers to the OSCI CHW program; Pilot program receives funding for year 2 from community foundation grant, health system, or CCO community benefit program; 8-12 persons with SCI who have benefited from the CHW program, as well as 5 providers will rate program as helpful to extremely helpful; Health systems, CCOs, acute and outpatient rehab facilities, rehabilitation medicine clinics, primary care clinics, and the Center for Independent Living in the Portland-metro area will receive educational materials and/or training about the need/benefits of the OSCI CHW program and the risk factors/prevention methods of secondary conditions

4) Relevance to Neilen Foundation mission (category - Independent Living): Community Health Workers with SCI who are knowledgeable about, and experienced with, secondary conditions, community reintegration, peer support, coaching and mentorship will help meet the needs of a newly injured patient and accompany them along a positive health trajectory toward physical/emotional health and well-being. This program goal will improve the quality of life and independence of newly injured patience.
(CHN: COandI chn:wdg)
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