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Funding the Gap

Funder: Craig H Neilsen Foundation

Funding period
USD 100 K
Funding amount
QLI's "Funding the Gap" project is a scholarship program for individuals living with SCI who need additional time in QLI’s immersive rehabilitation environment. QLI is asking the Trustees of the Neilsen Foundation to assist with funding the gap that currently exists between the time of rehabilitation that insurance companies will fund and the time that our clients and families need to maximize clinical outcomes and assure they get back on a meaningful path in life. This project will give individuals the opportunity to receive important rehabilitation that will maximize their recovery and independence, successfully transition back to community-based living, and improve overall quality life. The opportunity to facilitate the best possible outcomes for individuals living with SCI will also lower long term costs for everyone involved. QLI has a long history of offering scholarship care, and we will continue to do that, but current needs exceeds our capacity. With the Neilsen Foundation's support, QLI will be able to truly fulfill our mission of providing life-changing rehabilitation and care. (CHN: COandI chn:wdg)
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