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Equipment Placement Program

Funder: Craig H Neilsen Foundation

Funding period
USD 25 K
Funding amount
Ability Found is seeking a grant to support our Equipment Placement Program (EPP). The EPP provides medical equipment such as power wheelchairs, bathroom apparatus, and technology for people with SCI who cannot obtain it on their own. It also trains caregivers in the correct usage and care of the equipment, ensuring a higher satisfaction rate. We target sub-acute care centers and skilled nursing facilities, where the need for equipment is the highest. How it works: We seek out people in need of equipment living in facilities (or we are contacted by their caregivers). We then visit the patient in their care center, along with their caregiver, to assess needed medical equipment based on personal goals such as safety, comfort, independence, or mobility. We then follow up by delivering and installing/fitting the equipment, and instructing the patient and caregiver on correct usage. We return to the patient as often as needed to ensure healthy results. Expected outcome is moving the patient closer to leaving the care center and living independently. We will track the results of our program via our online portal, where patients and caregivers can report success or failure. The goal is that at least 90% of those served attain their personalized goals within thirty days of placement. (CHN: COandI chn:wdg)
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