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Emergency Preparedness for Individuals with SCI

Funder: Craig H Neilsen Foundation

Funding period
USD 300 K
Funding amount
1) Emergency Preparedness for Individuals with SCI

2) United Spinal’s project is designed to preserve the health and safety of individuals with SCI in times of uncertainty and upheaval due to natural or human-caused disasters through advanced planning. The initiative also aims to equip SCI professionals, municipalities and local agencies to improve the service they provide to individuals with SCI by examining and adjusting their emergency procedures to consider the specific and crucial needs of this population.

6000 "Ready to Roll" emergency preparedness kits will be distributed to the SCI community through United Spinal's chapter network, hospital member network, SCI professional connections, Centers for Independent Living, university disability programs and local governments. The "Ready to Roll" kits will serve as a starter tool for individuals with SCI to add to with personalized equipment, care items and information to ensure readiness in the event of an emergency or natural or human-caused disaster.

Resources and materials related to best practices for emergency preparedness including checklists, how-to guides, video instruction, webinars and podcasts will be created for distribution to the SCI community and included in the "Ready to Roll" kits. The materials will be adapted for use by professionals serving individuals with SCI and incorporated into a training program to facilitate distribution of this vital information. An in-service will be planned for United Spinal's annual Chapter Leadership Meeting to present the information and tools to chapter leaders from all over the country. Leaders will be encouraged to incorporate the materials into emergency preparedness programs in their local areas.

United Spinal will facilitate a convening of manufacturers and suppliers to attempt to develop a collective approach to a streamlined equipment replacement/loan process in case of natural or human-made disasters. The goal is to create a resource for individuals SCI to reference – either the collective streamlined process or one listing the process for each manufacturer.

Outreach to local governments and agencies will include creation of a resource pack including checklists for shelter and supply distribution point accessibility, transportation protocol and access to "model" emergency preparedness plans. United Spinal will actively pursue education opportunities at conferences, events and through publications to raise awareness of this important issue with local governments.

3) Expected outcomes include an increased knowledge of emergency preparedness best practices for individuals with SCI, professionals serving people with SCI, equipment manufacturers and suppliers; greater sense of safety and security for individuals with SCI; and increased awareness of the needs of individuals with SCI and inclusion of this population in disaster response planning by local government and municipality officials and staff. (CHN: COandI chn:wdg)
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