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Los Angeles and Hollywood Working Groups for People with Spinal Cord Injuries

Funder: Craig H Neilsen Foundation

Funding period
USD 300 K
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The goals of RespectAbility’s Project “Los Angeles and Hollywood Working Groups for People with Spinal Cord Injuries” are to improve the education, training, and competitive employment outcomes for Californians with spinal cord injuries (SCI) and to work towards ending harmful stigma and implicit bias against people with SCI via our Hollywood inclusion efforts. The project is designed to deepen our Leadership Groups in Los Angeles County. These groups are partnerships with workforce boards and agencies, the LA City Department on Disability, the LA Area Chamber of Commerce’s Center for Educational Excellence and Talent Development and UNITE-LA—the school-to-career partnership of Los Angeles. We also collaborate with California state workforce leaders, employers, and with philanthropies and nonprofits, including the Southern California Grantmakers. Our outcomes include 1) an environmental scan of educational and workforce resources for people with SCI in Los Angeles City and County; 2) recruit 10 active volunteers with traumatic and congenital spinal cord injuries into our working groups; 3) hire one staff member at 30 hours per week and one additional part-time LA-based staff member to help implement our Los Angeles and Hollywood working groups and to market employees with SCI to potential employers; and 4) amplify our focus on spinal cord injuries in our Hollywood Campaign for disability inclusion. This campaign raises public awareness of the abilities of people with various visible and invisible disabilities through the promotion of accurate and diverse images and stories on TV, in films and the media. We will publish or place five stigma-busting media pieces on the employment of people with SCI or advise on TV programs and films that include actors with SCI. One measure of success will be defined by an increase in the number of positive media representations of people with spinal cord injuries over time. Other outcomes include 5) educate the philanthropic and non-profit community in Los Angeles about how to include people with spinal cord injuries, both in hiring and program accessibility. We will 6) conduct at least three webinars and three in-person trainings annually for stakeholders around best practices for the employment of people with spinal cord injuries. Finally, we will 7) recruit, train, and place 20 Californians with spinal cord injuries in jobs in philanthropic, nonprofit, public, or entertainment sectors. These jobs will include working as volunteers, paid staff, and even board members in the nonprofit sector and Hollywood entertainment sector (actors, computer animators, and more). Why? So that nonprofits and Hollywood studios will benefit from the lived experiences of these self-advocates with spinal cord injuries. (CHN: COandI chn:wdg)
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