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Ambulatory closed-loop stimulation to inhibit neurogenic bladder overactivity

Funder: Craig H Neilsen Foundation

Funding period
USD 736 K
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Individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI) develop neurogenic detrusor overactivity (NDO), resulting in urinary incontinence, decreased bladder capacity, and reduced quality of life. Current treatments incompletely address the problem and have unwanted side effects. Therefore, an alternative approach is needed. Electrical stimulation of the genital nerves (GNS) can inhibit NDO, improving bladder capacity and urinary continence. However, an automated closed-loop bladder feedback system, which currently does not exist, is necessary for individuals with SCI and NDO to utilize this therapy. We have developed a custom algorithm to detect bladder contractions in real time, which requires only a bladder pressure signal. Our collaborators have developed a wireless, catheter-free bladder pressure sensor, the UroMonitor, that was recently approved for testing in human participants. The goal of this project is to evaluate the potential feasibility and effectiveness of automated closed-loop GNS to inhibit unwanted bladder contractions using our custom algorithm and the wireless UroMonitor sensor. This project represents the next logical step toward improving or restoring bladder control using existing or emerging approaches to meet an important need for individuals with SCI. Successful completion of this project will motivate advancing a closed-loop approach using our custom algorithm and wireless bladder pressure sensor. ( chn:wdg)
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