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We’re ready to try this at home—A Portable Neuroprosthetic for Independence

Funder: Craig H Neilsen Foundation

Funding period
USD 300 K
Funding amount
A common theme among research participants with spinal cord injury (SCI), e.g., expressed at the 2018 Society for Neuroscience brain-computer interface (BCI) panel and by patient-stakeholders at the National Institutes of Health SCI2020 conference, is that knowing what BCI-neuroprosthetics can do in the lab, individuals with SCI are ready to try them at home. Indeed, among research discussed at the SCI2020 conference, intracortical BCI-neuroprosthetics and orthotics were deemed “most ready for translation.” An important unsolved problem is lack of emphasis on translational, home use studies of promising intracortical BCI systems. These systems could enhance independence for self-care by those with SCI when interfaced with available arm and hand neuroprosthetics and orthotics. However, high performance BCI systems used in the lab have traditionally not been optimized for portability, ease of use without a technician, or with user performance priorities in mind. My collaborators and I address this gap by proposing the first home trial of a portable, modular, intracortical BCI system that can be used to control grasp neurotechnology and other devices. Upon completion of this project, we will have demonstrated proof of concept for a modular, portable, high performance, intracortical BCI designed for use at home and demonstrated functional home use of the portable BCI with an exoskeleton glove and a wearable functional electrical stimulation grasp device. (CHN: SCIRTS chn:wdg)
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